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About Our Pet Store

Creature Comforts is a wholly family owned business, providing pet supplies for a wide range of animals and birds. The store was opened in September 2011 and we pride ourselves on giving customers a personal ‘old fashioned’ service.

Our dedicated staff are friendly, knowledgeable and always on hand for advice, if required.


Furry customers are more welcome within the store, and always receive a warm reception and a tasty treat.

We are passionate about animal welfare and strive to provide the best possible care for animals awaiting their forever homes. Information and advice is always given to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy in their new home.


We quite simply love animals!

Find us

Where to find us

You can find us in Le Grand Bouet in St Peter Port, opposite the back entrance to Carpet Right.


Customer Loyalty Scheme


As a thank you for shopping with us here at Creature Comforts, we offer a loyalty discount to all our customers.


Every time you shop with us, we'll take a percentage of your total spend and turn it in to points, which you can save on your loyalty card and use as credit to spend in store.

Loyalty cards are free, pop in store and ask a member of staff to get yours!

Meet Coco, our resident African Grey!

Coco came into our lives 5 years ago and greeted us with a cheerful “hello”. That was it, we were smitten and she’s been here ever since!


She’s incredibly intelligent and mimics a wide range of sounds with reversing sensors, the intruder alarm and wolf whistling being some of her favourites!


She's also an awesome talker and “Hello Coco, how are you today?” is a regular together with “what’s your name?” and “Shiver me timbers”. Our day always end with a “See you later” too.

She’s a playful little character who listens intently when spoken to but often refuses to utter a sound until you walk out of the door!

She loves drama and likes nothing better than children standing in front of her cage, entertaining her with singing and dancing. Sometimes she may even join in with a little head bob or a whistle or two.

As African Greys have been known to live up to 80 years in captivity, we imagine that she’ll be entertaining our customers for some considerable time yet!

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